5 Things to do on your next houseboat vacation rental

J Wright - Apr 07, 2019

Wondering what you can do while houseboating? The activities are almost never ending but if you are looking for fun vacation ideas and something that is totally unique, a houseboating vacation is the way to go. Here is our top 5 list of things you can do while on your houseboat.

1. Swimming

Well of course you’d want to go swimming off of your houseboat. Some houseboats have slides while others you have ladders to get on top of the roof. Just be careful while jumping off the houseboats. Accidents can happen easily especially with kids so use a slide of your houseboat happens to have one.

2. Watching a movie

Just bring your laptop and you can setup your computer anywhere after the sun sets and watch movies. If your houseboat has a decent power reserve then you could take things to the next level if you had a projector but really, a laptop is more than enough. You could even do the same to watch things on a mobile phone. Some houseboat rentals include LCD tvs and even come with cable and internet via satellite.

3. Fishing

Ok not everyone likes to fish but when you are on a boat in the water, just drop a line over and see what you can catch. If you are in any of the lakes in Canada, there are almost always plenty of fish around and you’ll be sure to catch something.

4. Play games

Most of the houseboat rentals area in areas with ok reception so you can almost always be online but best to check before you book. If you can be online, you can be sure to play your favourite game whether you like to play chess, puzzle games of even slots if you like to gamble. Speaking of slots, you can find casino bonuses for Canadians in any search or even find Bitcoin casino bonuses too.

5. Read a book

Since you are already out in nature, take advantage of the clean air and the quietness and read a book whether you have a Kindle Paperwhite or if you are old-school and like to read actual paper books.

Houseboat rentals around the world

Believe it or not, there are more places to rent a houseboat other than just in Canada. Canada is of course a massive country with numerous lakes and rivers. Here are the top 5 countries for houseboating and where you can find rentals

  • Canada
  • United States
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom

The United States has many houseboats that you can rent all over the country including states like Kentucky, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia and in Arizona. Next up is Australia which has a few rentals along the coast near Sydney however the biggest appeal for houseboating is the Murray River which cuts almost across the country. The Murray River is big and has numerous houseboat rental companies scattered throughout. New Zealand has a few houseboat rental companies which are in protected bays. United Kingdom might be underrated but they have many canals where you can rent houseboats and travel throughout the country.